If a customer places a large order, your employees often need more time to prepare it and make sure nothing gets missed. However, by default, all orders (regardless of size) are sent to the store based on the store's wait time settings, which may not be adequate time for orders over a certain size.

If this is an issue for you, you can use our Immediate Notification settings to be notified "immediately" when customers place orders over a certain dollar amount. When it comes to the "immediately" part, this can either the time at which the order is placed by the customer or the beginning of the day on which the order is meant to be fulfilled. This gives you the option of delaying the notification until it's actionable by your employees vs. sending it to them days in advance of the order.

Here's how to turn on Immediate Notifications for a single location:

  1. Click on Locations and select a location
  2. Go to Order Settings
  3. Under Required Info, enter a dollar amount next to Immediate Notification Threshold. Orders with subtotals greater than this dollar amount will trigger an immediate notification.
  4. For Immediate Notification Timing, you can decide whether to be notified "Immediately when order is placed," meaning the order will show up on the New Orders page (or be sent to your POS) as soon as the customer places the order, or "Beginning of the day," meaning the order will show up on the New Orders page (or be sent to your POS) on the day when the order needs to be made.
  5. When you're done, click on Update Order Settings.

If you've selected "Beginning of the day," follow these instructions to specify when to receive the notifications:

  1. Click on Settings > General Settings
  2. Scroll down to Online Order Settings
  3. Modify the time next to Large Order Send Time in the HH:MM AM/PM format (such as "9:00 AM")
  4. When you're done, click on Update General Settings

Please note that this feature pertains only to future (non-ASAP) orders and needs to be turned on for each location individually.

However, when you select to be notified at the beginning of the day, all locations with this setting turned on will receive the notifications at the same time (we decided to keep the timing setting global for now).

Please note that this feature is only available for individual online ordering locations.

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