Sometimes orders don’t show up or print at your POS for some reason. If an order gets rejected by the POS, then we send a "POS Send Failure" email, which includes the details of the error. This should allow you to troubleshoot the source of the problem (perhaps with the help of your POS provider). Here's an example of this a POS Send Failure email:

To receive these emails, go to the Ops Notifications Emails page here:

and enter your email address in the POS Errors field.

If you don’t receive a POS Send Failure email, then that means the order was successfully sent to the POS, and it’s not showing up or printing at the POS because of some internal POS issue.

To verify that an order has been sent to the POS, go to the Order Details page for the order and click on “API Requests” in the purple sidebar on the right. This will list all of the services to which the order was sent along with either success or failure outcomes.

To see the details of each request, click on “View Details." This allows you to see the details of our request to the POS and their response. You can copy and paste these details into an email and send it to your POS provider in order to help them troubleshoot the issue.

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