Authorize Brandibble to access your Salesforce account

Browse to Integrations > Salesforce, enter your Consumer Key & Secret and choose your sync'ing settings. Then click the "Update Salesforce Creds" button.

After that, click the "Authorize Brandibble" button in order to allow Brandibble to make requests to the Salesforce API.

Once that's completed, click the "Update Pricebooks" button to create your Salesforce Pricebooks from your Brandibble menus. If you already have Pricebooks in Salesforce, you will need to delete them before completing this step.

Once you've done that, you can browse to the Products tab (see the page above) to verify that your products were added to Salesforce.

Please note that you must update your Salesforce Pricebooks from Brandibble before syncing data will work properly. Hopefully you’ve already done this. 

After that, Pricebooks should be updated any time the catering menu changes.

How sync'ing automatically and manually works

Data is sync'ed to Salesforce when we send Brandibble orders to Salesforce.

Sync automatically means that orders will be sent to Salesforce automatically within 60 seconds of an order being placed or updated on Brandibble. This is when all data about the order (account, contact, order detail, etc.) is sent to Salesforce. 

Manually means that you would manually send orders to Salesforce via each Brandibble order detail page. 

Automatically is really the only setting that makes sense since manual would be in incredibly tedious. 

How we map entities between Salesforce and Brandibble

Here's how Brandibble entities map to Salesforce entities:

  • Salesforce Account = Brandibble House Account

  • Salesforce Contact = Brandibble Customer

  • Salesforce Opportunity = Brandibble Order

  • Salesforce Products = Brandibble Menu Items and Modifiers 

Set up Regions and Restaurants in Salesforce

We need to be able to associate both Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities with Regions and Restaurants when we send orders to Salesforce. In order to do this, you'll need to add these fields to both Accounts and Opportunities in Salesforce. Please see the screenshots below.

Once you've added these fields, then you'll need to set their "picklist" values. It's very important that these values match exactly between the Opportunity fields and the Account fields.

Please reach out to Salesforce if you need assistance with this step.

Map your Regions and Restaurants in Brandibble

Once you've configured your Regions and Restaurants in Salesforce, you'll need to map them in Brandibble.

First, populate your Regions in the Salesforce Regions tab in Brandibble per the screenshot below.

Once you're regions have been configured, then you'll need to set up the CRM integration for each location that will be sync'ed with Salesforce. To do that, browse to the Integrations page for each location and populate these fields:

Start sending orders

Once you've completed all of the steps above, you can start sending orders (or they'll start sending automatically if you've turned on automatic sync'ing). 

If you need to troubleshoot, you can always visit the order detail page on Brandibble (browse to Reporting > Orders, then click on an order) to send an order manually to test. That section looks like this:


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