In order for us to be able to send an order to Toast, we need to be able to match up Brandibble categories, menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers with their corresponding "entities" in Toast.  We refer to this as "mapping," and our Toast integration does this for you automatically by pulling in menu updates from Toast overnight (when you make changes in Toast, they don't make them available to us until sometime between 4 and 5am the following day).

We use Toast menu updates for two things: menu structure and pricing. That's it.

We'll put menu items in the correct categories and modifiers in the correct modifier groups, and we'll make sure the prices in Brandibble reflect your Toast prices at each location (this last point is very important and was a non-trivial undertaking - it's a key part of our integration).

Beyond that, you can "decorate" menu items and modifiers in Brandibble with additional information to build a richer experience for your customers, including:

  1. Having different customer-facing names.

  2. Adding long and/or short descriptions.

  3. Adding photos.

  4. Adding tags.

  5. Adding allergens.

  6. Adding nutritional info.

  7. Adding ingredients.

If you're not as worried about decorating items in Brandibble, then you can regenerate your Brandibble menus automatically each day at 6am after updates are pulled in from Toast overnight.

However, if decorating items is important to you (it is for most of our customers), then you can leave automatic menu regeneration turned off and regenerate your menus manually after the items have been decorated in Brandibble.

Hope that helps! Please reach out via chat if you have any questions about this.

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