As you learned from our Managing your menu with our Toast integration post, we use Brandibble Internal Names in order to keep your Brandibble and Toast menus in sync.

When we first import your Toast menus, we use the Toast name to populate both the "Name" and "Internal Name" fields in Brandibble. This allows you to then change the customer-facing "Name" field to be something else, while keeping the "Internal Name" unchanged.

To explain in a bit more detail, we use the combination of Category Internal Name and Menu Item Internal Name in order to track changes to your Toast menus. When we sync your menus each night, if we find a Toast menu item with a name that doesn't match a Brandibble Internal Name, then we create a new menu item. 

Similarly, if a Toast menu item name DOES match a Brandibble menu item Internal Name, but the Toast category name does NOT match the Brandibble category Internal Name, then we create a new menu item in Brandibble. There are a number of reasons we do it this way, such as the case where a menu item lives in more than one category (but has the same name in each).

So with this in mind, how do you go about changing a menu item name in Toast WITHOUT creating a new menu item in Brandibble?

The trick is to change the Internal Name in Brandibble to match the new Toast menu item name BEFORE you sync your Toast menus, which happens automatically overnight or on demand from the Integrations > Toast POS > Update Menus page.

The same approach can be used to move a menu item to a different category in Brandibble: make the change in Toast, make the same change in Brandibble, and then sync your menus.

Also, please note that this same concept can be applied to modifier groups and modifiers - we handle modifier groups and modifiers just like categories and menu items.

Please feel free to reach out via chat if you have any questions!

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