If you're using Brandibble itself to process orders, below is a summary of the basics.

Please note that this assumes you're managing an Online Ordering location. If you're managing a Catering location, please see this post here: Managing catering orders for store employees.

Confirming Orders

First off, make sure you're on the New Orders page for the location you're managing. To get there, click on Order Management under the Orders section in the sidebar, and then click on your location.

Orders will show up on the New Orders page as it becomes time for the kitchen to make them.  ASAP orders will show up right away, while future orders will sit on the Upcoming Orders page until they're ready to be processed (based on your wait time settings).  

The New Orders page refreshes every 2 minutes to show you the latest orders that are ready to be processed.  Below is a screenshot of what this looks like.  Please note that there are 2 unconfirmed orders on the Upcoming Orders page in this case.

There a number of things you can do from this page, including:

  • Print - hit this button to print the order details (including all of the items) for easy processing by the kitchen.
  • Review Order Details ON SCREEN - clicking on the green Order ID will open a popup with all of the order details (so you don't have to print it out).
  • Cancel Order - this will cancel the order and void the customer's payment - please note that there's no way to undo an order cancellation.
  • Confirm - this will mark the order as closed and capture the customer's payment (i.e. charge their credit card). Please note that if the Confirm button is grayed out, then you need to print the order before you can confirm an order (just hit Print, and then hit Confirm).
  • Confirm without sending - this is only relevant if you're using one of our POS integrations and want to confirm the order without sending it to the POS. This is most likely not relevant for you.
  • Resend Email - this will resend the confirmation email to the customer, allowing you to make edits to the email message body before the email is sent.
  • Quick Edit / Full Edit - this is an advanced topic, and this feature may not be available to all employees.  Please see our Editing an existing order post for details on this.

Changing Wait Times

As you can see in the screenshot above, we display your location's hours and wait times in the upper right. If you need to change either the pickup or delivery wait times for your location, click on the green times you see in the screenshot below.

This will take you to a page that looks like this, where you can use the wait time dropdowns to make adjustments.

Turning your store off temporarily (or for the whole day)

If something goes wrong (Internet outage, etc.) and you need to close your location for some period of time or the entire day, you can use the OLO On or Off dropdown in the screenshot above.

Please note that this will reset to ON at midnight each day so your store automatically opens the next day.

Refunding Orders

If you need to issue a refund or resend a confirmation email for a closed order, click on the Old Orders link at the top of the page.  From there, you can search for an order either by date or order number.

To refund an order, click on the "Refund" (or "Mark Refunded") button next to each order, enter the amount of the refund (it will default to the entire amount), and then click the red "Submit Refund" button.

For credit card and LevelUp orders, this will issue the customer refund immediately, and there's nothing else you need to do. For other order types, you'll need to refund the payment to the customer outside of Brandibble.

Submitting a refund per above will automatically send an updated email confirmation that reflects the amount of the refund so they have an updated receipt.

86'ing Items for the Day

If you run out of certain items and need to remove them from your menus for the day, you can use the 86 Items for the Day page. You can find that in the sidebar under Orders. It looks like this:

Green means its on the menu and available, whereas red means it's been 86'ed and removed for the day.

To remove an item, just click the green "Remove" button and then click the "Save Changes" button. To add it back, click the "Add Back" button and then click "Save Changes".  

All changes will reflected on your customer-facing site immediately, and all 86'ed items are automatically added back to the menu the next day.

If you have any questions, please try searching this help site, since we go into more detail and discuss lots of other topics in other posts. If you can't find answers there, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly via chat. Thank you!

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