When customers pay with LevelUp on your Brandibble site, refunding them works the same as it does for orders paid for with credit cards. If you need to process a refund paid for with LevelUp, we are able to communicate that information directly through the LevelUp API so that the customer gets their refund and it is reflected in both Brandibble and LevelUp.

All you need to do is click the "Refund" button and then choose a dollar amount. Partial refunds are allowed, but please note that the only way to do this with the LevelUp API is to issue credit to the user.  So to be clear:

  1. If you do a FULL refund, the order will be refunded in full on both LevelUp and Brandibble.

  2. If you do a PARTIAL refund, then the order will be partially refunded on Brandibble, but it will NOT be refunded on LevelUp at all. Instead, we'll provide a credit to the user in the amount of the partial refund.

If you have any questions about that, please let us know!

Please also note that this is NOT how refunds are handled for any orders placed through the native ordering solution in your LevelUp app (if you're using that). For more information on how to process refunds placed through the native ordering experience in the LevelUp app, see this post here:

Otherwise, here's some general guidance on how to process refunds on Brandibble:

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