First things first, you'll need to add an API key and turn the DoorDash integration on at the brand level on the Integrations > Delivery Services page. Please reach out to Brandibble Support to obtain your API key.

Once this has been taken care of, you're ready to start using the DoorDash integration at any revenue center you'd like. To do that, go to a location's Integrations page and scroll down to the Delivery Integration section, which looks like this:

This is generally the setup you'll want to use. Please note that:

  • Delivery Service Location ID: this field is not relevant for DoorDash and can be left blank.

  • Service Types to be sent to Delivery Service: you can choose to send only delivery, only pickup, or both delivery and pickup orders to DoorDash. Most Brandibble customers only use DoorDash for delivery so you'll likely want to select "Delivery Only". 

  • Confirm Orders via Delivery Service: this field isn't relevant for DoorDash and should be left unchecked.

  • Automatically confirm order when sent to delivery service: this field isn't relevant for DoorDash and should be left unchecked.

  • Send Immediately & Send Updates: most customers check this box so DoorDash gets more advanced notice of orders. This means that the order will be sent to DoorDash when the customer submits their order on the checkout page, either when placing a new order or editing an existing order. Otherwise it will be sent when you confirm the order on the Manage Orders page or, if you're using a POS integration, when the order is sent to the POS and confirmed automatically.

In order to establish the revenue center as a DoorDash merchant, you should submit a test order with your DoorDash representative. It's important to note that orders sent to DoorDash will populate the DoorDash name fields as follows:

  • external_business_name = your Open Tender brand name ("Some Brand")

  • pickup_business_name = your Open Tender brand name - the Open Tender location name ("Some Brand - Midtown East")

Your DoorDash rep will need to look out for the test order using these names. They are programmatically generated based on your Open Tender brand name and revenue center names, so there's nothing we can do to change them. The DoorDash team will need to program the names on their side to match.

Lastly, your revenue centers must have phone numbers set up in Open Tender in order for orders to be accepted by DoorDash. You can set this on the Address page for the revenue center or for the revenue center's parent store if the revenue center is inheriting its address from the store. If you don't want these phone numbers to show up in email confirmations for customers, you can uncheck the field highlighted in red below on the Settings > General Settings page:

After completing this setup, if you get an email alerting you that an error was encountered when sending an order to DoorDash, you can share the Open Tender API request JSON by following these steps (see the video below):

  1. Go to the order detail page for the order in question

  2. Click on "API Requests" in the purple sidebar

  3. Click on "view details" next to one of the requests to DoorDash

  4. Copy and paste the "Request to 3rd Party API" JSON into an email and share it with your DoorDash rep

This post is comprehensive and definitive, so please work with your DoorDash rep to adhere to these guidelines.

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