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What's the benefit of managing descriptions, images, etc. in Open Tender?
What's the benefit of managing descriptions, images, etc. in Open Tender?
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There are various benefits of using Open Tender to manage the "descriptive" or "decorative" information about your menu vs. trying to manage this data in your POS.

First off, we allow to provide MORE data about each item, such as:

  1. Both a short description (for display on the menu page) and a long description (for display when a customer clicks on an item), if you want them to be different.

  2. Multiple images per item (instead of just one).

  3. Tags

  4. Allergens

  5. Nutritional information

  6. Ingredients 

  7. Two extra fields that can be used for other random text you'd like to display (optional, of course).

This allows you to build a much richer ordering experience for your customers that provides the type of information that more and more customers are demanding these days.

Aside from this, there are a handful of additional benefits to this approach:

  1. It allows you to do what you're used to doing in terms of item names in the POS - using short, functional names that make sense to your employees (but don't necessarily make sense to your customers).

  2. It gives you one place to manage all the "descriptive" information (vs. managing some things in your POS and others in Open Tender, which can be difficult to remember).

  3. If you have multiple locations, you only need to update this descriptive data ONCE in Open Tender vs. multiple times in your POS (where you'd have to do it once for each location).

This last one is big for multi-unit restaurant concepts and will save you a TON of time!

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