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Managing catering orders for store employees [UPDATE POST REDESIGN]
Managing catering orders for store employees [UPDATE POST REDESIGN]

How to manage catering orders if you're a store employee

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Here's how to manage catering orders in Brandibble:

  • Keep the New Orders page open to keep track of orders as they come in- this will be your go-to resource and will show you all upcoming orders for all dates

  • If you'd like to view an order summary without printing it, click on the green order ID number above the Quick Edit and Full Edit buttons

  • Then, use the Mark As Reviewed flag to stay organized and to let your Catering Manager know you've seen the order and you're on top of things 

  • If you make any edits to orders that have already been marked as "Reviewed," they will be highlighted in red and you'll need to mark them as reviewed again

  • If you need to resend the email confirmation to the customer, use the Resend Email button, which will also allow you to enter custom text for the customer if necessary 

  • The Print button can be used at any time to print an order summary that you can use to help you put the order together and check things off as you go

  • If customers want to make changes to their orders, check out this article for instructions on how to edit orders: Editing an existing order

  • Once orders have been confirmed and fulfilled, click on Confirm or Charge Card

  • If you need to add or adjust the tip on an order, use the Quick Edit button before you charge the customer- once a customer's been charged, you can only refund the order

  • If you need to refund a customer, follow these instructions: Processing refunds

  • If you need to find an order that's been closed, click on the Old Orders tab and select the date the order was placed on to find it (make sure you have the order ID before you do this)

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