Our Clover integration allows you to connect a Brandibble location to an existing Clover merchant and map your Brandibble menu to your Clover menu. In order for Brandibble orders to flow seamlessly into Clover, all Items, Categories, and Modifier Groups must be mapped between the two systems. 

After the initial mapping is completed, you can use Brandibble to update your menus both on Brandibble and Clover, allowing you to eliminate double work. We discuss this at the bottom of thse 

Here's how to go about connecting a Brandibble location to an existing Clover merchant:

Step 1: Make sure your menus are IDENTICAL

The first step is to make sure that the menu for your Brandibble location matches the menu for your Clover merchant. This means that all Items, Categories, Modifier Groups, and Modifiers should be the same between the two systems. This includes both names and prices.

It's very important that ALL names match between the two systems since this is how the initial mapping is completed. This includes both Categories and Modifier Groups since we need to know the groups in which Items and Modifiers belong.

Please also note that both CAPITALIZATION and EXTRA SPACES matter - if a name has an extra space in one system but not the other, the items will not be matched up.

Step 2: Log into Clover

Log into your Clover account in your web browser

Step 3: Install the Open Tender Print Clover App

  • In the sidebar on Clover, go to "More Tools" and click "Installed Apps".

  • Search for "Open Tender Print" in the upper right of the page.

  • Click "Connect" and choose the FREE plan.

Please make sure that the Open Tender Print app is installed and looks like the screenshot below, but please do NOT click the "Open App" button.

Step 4: Log into Brandibble 

Log into your Brandibble account in the SAME web browser

Step 5: Browse to the Integrations tab for the relevant Brandibble location

Click on the Locations section and then click on the location you want to set up

Step 6: Add the Clover integration and authorize Brandibble 

Click on the “Integrations” tab (see screenshot below) and choose the Clover integration (leave all other fields blank for now)

Step 7: Choose your Clover merchant

You will be redirected to a Clover page, where you can choose the relevant Clover merchant (see screenshot below). Click on the relevant merchant.

Step 8: Verify that your Clover merchant is now connected 

You will be redirected back to Brandibble, where you'll see that the "Clover Merchant ID" and "Clover Merchant Token" fields have been filled in for you. You'll also see a new "Update POS Menu" button. DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON YET.

Step 9: Disable saved credit cards 

Once you've confirmed that the location has been mapped properly, you have to disable saved credit cards. Under Credit Card Integration on the Integrations tab, select No, disable saved credit cards from the dropdown menu and click Update Credit Integration.

Step 10: Map any convenience fee or surcharge 

If you will be charging a convenience fee, you must create it in Brandibble and then map it for this location individually. Go to the Order Settings tab and under Surcharge Settings, select the appropriate surcharge from the dropdown menu. Click on Update Order Settings to save your changes.

Step 11: Map your Brandibble menu to your Clover menu

In the Integrations section of Brandibble, browse to the Clover POS section. Click on the "Map Menus" tab, and you should see a list of "Missing Mappings" for the location you just set up (per the screenshot below).

Check the box next to the Brandibble location you want to map and click the "Map Clover Menus" button. It could take just a few seconds or more a minute or two to complete - it depends on how big your menu is. Please be patient!

The page will refresh and provide a list of any items or modifiers that couldn't be mapped (if any). If all items and modifiers were mapped successfully, the page will look like this and you can skip step 9.

Step 12: Clean up any missing mappings

If any items or modifiers weren't mapped, then you'll need to update the names of these items either on Brandibble or Clover. Please note that in order for Items to be mapped, Category names must also be identical, and the same goes for Modifiers and Modifier groups.

Once all items are mapped, you'll get a page that looks like the one above, and you're ready to send a test order.

Step 13: Send a test order

Now that your Clover menu has been setup and mapped to your Brandibble menu, you're ready to place a test order. Visit your Brandibble customer-facing website, choose the Brandibble location you just setup to be linked with Clover, and place a test order.

Step 14: Keeping things in sync moving forward

After the initial mapping is completed, you can use Brandibble to update your menus both on Brandibble and Clover, allowing you to eliminate double work. After you make updates on Brandibble, then you can push updates to Clover either by going to the Integrations tab for each location and clicking the "Update POS Menu" button (see the screenshot above) or you can go the Integrations > Clover POS section and update multiple locations at once from the "Update Menus" tab (see the screenshot below).

Please let us know if you run into any issues!

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