If you're using one of our POS integrations, you have the option to select when orders are sent from Brandibble to your POS. 

It's important to note that orders are closed in Brandibble when they're sent to the POS since we can no longer make changes to these orders. This means the customer's credit card will be charged at this time (if they paid by credit card) and the order can no longer be edited, only refunded.

With that in mind, below are the 3 options that exist for sending orders to the POS.

Option 1: "When placed on Checkout page"

You would select this option if you want orders to go through to your POS as soon as your customers place them. Please note that this would result in future orders being sent to your POS hours or days early, which may cause orders to be forgotten about and missed. 

We generally do not recommend using this approach.

Option 2: "When time for kitchen to make order"

In this case, Brandibble will hold onto the order until it's time for your kitchen to actually process the order. In short, it converts all orders (both ASAP and future orders) into ASAP orders. This way your kitchen doesn't need to think about it - when an order comes through from Brandibble, they should just start making it.

For ASAP orders, this means we send the order to the POS when the customer places the order. The customer wants their food right away, so the kitchen needs to start making it as soon as possible.

For future orders, we hold onto the order until your pickup or delivery wait times dictate that it's time for your kitchen to start making it. For instance, if a customer places an order for 1pm at 9am in the morning and your pickup wait time is set to 15 minutes, we'll send the order to your POS at 12:45pm (15 minutes before the 1pm pickup time). 

Please note that if your pickup wait time was changed to 20 minutes sometime after the customer placed the order, then we would send the order at 12:40pm instead of 12:45pm - your current wait time is what matters when we check for orders that are ready to be sent to the POS.

This is the setting we recommend using for regular online orders (not catering orders) since it takes the thinking out of it and allows the kitchen to handle every order like an ASAP order.

Option 3: "When confirmed on New Orders page"

The last option is for orders be sent to your POS when they're confirmed on the Brandibble New Orders page. The benefit of managing orders this way is that you have the option to edit orders while they're still open in Brandibble. 

This is the setting we recommend for catering orders since these orders are placed hours or days in advance and often need to be edited before they're finalized.

Generally speaking, our catering customers use the Brandibble New Orders page to manage their catering orders (making edits, resending email confirmations, etc.), and then they send the order to the POS either (a) on the morning of the order when it's time for the kitchen to start making it or (b) after the order has been delivered to the customer. It really depends on how your kitchen is making these orders and when you want the customer's credit card to be charged.

How to adjust when orders are sent to the POS

This setting needs to be changed at the individual location level per the steps below:

  1. Go to Locations and select the location you'd like to make changes for

  2. Click on Integrations and under POS Integration, find the section that says When sent to POS?

  3. Select your option from the dropdown menu

  4. Click Update POS Integration

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