If you're using our Revel integration, follow the instructions below when adding new menu items to Brandibble.

Adding menu items

First things first, you need to add the menu items to Revel to create barcodes. Once you've added the menu items to your POS, you can then add them to Brandibble.

Mapping menu items

In order to map your Brandibble menu items to Revel menu items, you'll need to use two pages, which exist on Brandibble.

  1. Open the Barcodes/SKUs tab by going to Integrations > Revel POS

  2. In a new tab in your browser, open the Products by also going to Integrations > Revel POS

  3. On the Barcodes page select the appropriate menu (catering or main), type (menu items), and menu category

  4. Switch to the Products page and find the menu item's barcode

  5. Go back to the Barcodes page and enter the barcode (repeat steps 4 and 5 until you've added barcodes for all menu items in that category)

  6. When you're done with each menu category, click on Save Changes on the top right

  7. When you're done with all menu items, go to the Update Cache tab by going to Integrations > Revel POS

  8. Select the menus you'd like to update and click Update Cache

  9. Go to Menus > Regenerate, select the menus you'd like to update, and click on Update Menus (Please note: if this is during peak hours, you will only be able to regenerate one menu at a time)

Mapping modifiers

In order to map your Brandibble modifiers to Revel modifiers, follow the same instructions as above but in step 3, select modifiers for item type in the second dropdown menu.

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