Our Toast integration is designed to prevent you from having to manage two separate menus (one for the POS and one for online orders). Rather, Toast serves as the source of truth, and your Brandibble menus are synced automatically overnight.

This means that the first step is to set up your menu in Toast, and then use the various visibility flags in Toast to determine which categories, menu items, and modifiers (i.e. entities) are made available to Brandibble.

On Brandibble, we give you a page where you can see all of the entities that are available for online ordering. You can use this page to preview the menu BEFORE it gets imported into Brandibble for the first time. 

It's very important that you do all the visibility filtering in Toast before you do the initial import. If you don't, you'll import a bunch of entities that then need to be hidden in Brandibble, which will create two layers of hiding and make things VERY confusing for ongoing menu management.

Important Note: while Toast allows you to publish changes immediately, they don't make these changes available for Brandibble to see until the next day. So if you make any changes in Toast, you won't be able to see them on Brandibble until the next day.

Managing Visibility in Toast

Hiding an entire menu

To hide an entire menu in Toast, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Menus under Menu and select the menu you'd like to hide

  2. Next to Orderable Online select No

  3. Click on Save

Hiding a menu group or subgroup (i.e. category or subcategory)

To hide an entire menu group in Toast, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Menus under Menu and select the menu that contains the menu group you'd like to hide

  2. Under Groups, click on the menu group you'd like to hide

  3. If hiding a Subgroup, click on the subgroup you'd like to hide; if not, move on to step 4

  4. Next to Orderable Online select No

  5. Click on Save

Hiding menu items

  1. Under Menus, find your way to the appropriate menu, menu group, or menu subgroup containing the menu item you'd like to hide

  2. Click on the menu item

  3. Next to Orderable Online select No

  4. Click on Save

Hiding modifiers

You might have modifier groups or individual modifiers that are POS-only and not customer facing. To not have them imported to Brandibble, you will need to change the visibility in Toast to Only Visible to Servers next to Visibility. A change at the group level will hide all modifiers within that group so if you want to preserve or hide individual modifiers, you can change visibility on a per modifier basis as well. Just make sure you leave the group set to Visible to everyone and make the changes on the modifier itself. 

For any other menu management questions in Toast, reach out to your Toast rep to give you a hand.

Saving vs. Publishing in Toast

When making changes in Toast, the difference between Save and Publish is that Save saves your work on the backend whereas Publish pushes the changes to the POS devices, which will then be synced to Brandibble. 

Adding, Removing, or Reorganizing Items

All of this should be done in Toast first. This is where you should add or remove items or modifiers or move them between categories or modifier groups.

Once you've made the changes in Toast, then you can pull these updates into Brandibble via the Update Menus page in the Toast POS integration section (or you can just let it happen automatically overnight.

Adding Additional Descriptive Info in Brandibble

Once your items have been imported or updated from Toast, then you can additional descriptive info (a customer-facing name, description, photos, allergens, tags, nutritional info, etc.).

However, it's very important that you DO NOT do any of these things in Brandibble - doing these things will BREAK the integration.

  1. Change the Internal Name for any menu categories, menu items, modifier groups, or modifiers

  2. Move menu items or modifiers between categories and groups

  3. Add or remove modifier groups from menu items

  4. Change prices for any menu items or modifiers

  5. Remove modifiers from modifier groups

If you want to do any of the above, please do it in Toast, and then re-sync your menus in Brandibble.

Here's a list of things you CAN do:

  1. Change the Name for any menu categories, menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers (i.e. the customer-facing "Name", not the employee-facing "Internal Name")

  2. Reorder menu categories, menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers so that they are in the order you'd like them to be displayed in

  3. Add descriptions and images

  4. Make changes in the Advanced Settings tab (allergens, tags, etc.)

  5. Make categories or groups inactive to hide them from customers

  6. Use the Menus by Location page to hide menu items and modifiers from customers

We know this is a lot to digest! If you run into any issues or roadblocks, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

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