To set up a Checkmate integration, you have to turn on the brand-level settings first:

  1. Reach out Brandibble Support to obtain the API Key and Secret

  2. Go to Integrations > Checkmate

  3. Enter the API Key and Secret you obtained from Brandibble

  4. Select On from the dropdown menu

  5. Click on Update Settings

When you're done here, you have to change the settings at the individual location level as well.

  1. Go to Locations and select the location you'd like to set the integration up for

  2. Go to the Integrations tab

  3. Under POS System, select Checkmate from the dropdown menu

  4. Next to When sent to POS? select how you'd like the orders to be sent to Checkmate (refer to the tooltip if you need any guidance on which to choose)

  5. Click on Update POS Integration

The final step is to provide Checkmate with the Location ID in Brandibble, which can be found back on the Locations page under the column on the right called ID.

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