This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to export an invoice PDF for any type of order. Please note that if you have the Final Confirmation Email function turned on for catering orders, your customers will automatically receive an invoice when their order is charged.

To export an invoice PDF, you must first find the Order ID:

  1. Go to Orders and select the location the order was placed in
  2. If the order hasn't been confirmed, it will be on the New Orders page; however, this likely won't be the case so click on Old Orders
  3. Select the date the order was placed on by using the date picker on the right
  4. Copy the Order ID number once you find it

You can also find the Order ID if you have the customer's email address. Just go to Customers and search with the customer's email address to find the Order ID.

Once you have the Order ID:

  1. Go to Reporting > Orders
  2. Enter the Order ID in the search box and click Display Report
  3. Click on the Order ID
  4. Click on Print Invoice

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