Here’s a quick summary of the rules that dictate when an order will show up on the New Orders page vs. when it will show up on the Upcoming Orders page.

ASAP orders show up on the New Orders page immediately. The customer wants their food now, darn it!

Non-ASAP orders (both pickup and delivery) show up on the New Orders page when it’s time to make the order. For instance, if the pickup wait time is set to 15 minutes, the order will show up 15 minutes before the customer is due to show up at the store. This is so that an order doesn’t get confirmed and printed out early and then forgotten about.

Therefore, non-ASAP orders (i.e. future orders) will show up on the Upcoming Orders page until it’s time to make them, at which point they will move to the New Orders page. This is true both for same day future orders and orders for future days. Orders can always be printed and confirmed from the Unconfirmed Orders page if the store wants to confirm an order early.

You can override this delay via the “Immediate Notification Threshold” setting on each Location’s “Order Settings” page. If you set this to $100, for instance, any order over $100 will hit the New Orders page immediately (if it’s a same day order) or at the very beginning of the day (if it’s an order for a future date). This allows you to get more obvious notice of large future orders

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