Confirming orders on Brandibble can be a two-step process, depending on how you manage orders at each of your stores.

You can require employees to hit the print button as well as enter a confirmation code for each order that comes in. You can just require one of them, or you can require neither. It's up to you!

To change these settings:

  1. Go to Settings > General and scroll down to Order Processing Settings
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes next to Require Print and Require Code
  3. Click on Update General Settings

If neither of these are checked, this is what the New Orders page will look like when a new order comes in. The Confirm button is green and clickable right away and there's no confirmation code box.

Otherwise, it will be grayed out until you click Print and enter the order confirmation code, which will be in the printout and can also be seen by clicking on the Order ID on the left.

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