If customers have issues with logging into their accounts and need to place orders immediately, there is a way to log in as them on your site and place the order on their behalf.

  1. Go to your site ordering page as if you were the customer about to place an order
  2. Wherever you get an option to login, click on the link (this varies by brand but the video below shows an example on by CHLOE's website)
  3. Enter the customer's email address
  4. For the password, enter your own Brandibble admin email address and password separated by a semicolon, like so: You@YourBrand.COM;YourPassword (password will still be case sensitive)

Note: The email and password you are entering here should be the email and password you use to log in to the Brandibble backend.

You will be logged in to your customer's account and able to place an order from there. Just make sure you confirm the payment option and gratuity before placing the order.

If you get a notice saying the customer's account has been deleted, reach out to help@brandibble.co, and we'll help you from there!

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