Before you add a new admin user to Brandibble, you need to decide what permissions to give each Role.

The different roles are:

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. Cashier
  4. Employee

You also have to set permissions for each role. When you're setting permissions, you're essentially choosing what function the lowest level role will have the ability to edit. The roles are ranked as shown above, with Employee being the lowest level and Admin being the highest. 

For example, if you select Employee for any of the permissions, that means all roles will be able to edit that specific function. If you select Admin, only admins will be able to do so. If you select Cashier, then Managers and Admins will also be able to edit those functions.

The different functions that require you to set permissions are: 

  • 86 Items
  • Edit Daily Specials
  • View Catering Summary
  • Process Merch Orders
  • Refund Orders
  • Add Locations
  • Edit Orders (Quick Edit)
  • Edit Orders (Full Edit)
  • Cancel Orders
  • Resend Email to Customer
  • Confirm Orders without Sending
  • Turn Off Location Temporarily

You also have to select specific Sections and Locations to make available to each user. When you leave any of these unchecked, they will not show up for that specific user when they log in to Brandibble.

To set parameters for admin users, go to Users > Permissions. Make sure you click on Update Permissions when you're done.

Adding users

  1. Go to Users and click Add New User
  2. Fill out the basic information and pick a Role for them
  3. Select what Sections and Locations will be visible to this particular user (Whatever you leave unchecked will not show up in that user's view of Brandibble)
  4. Click Add User

An account activation email will be sent to the individual. Once they create a password, they will be able to log in and begin using the platform.

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